10 Symptoms of Influenza

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The world is home to countless pathogens that can cause illness and harm. Influenza is one of the most common illnesses. The symptoms can be quite unpleasant and even potentially dangerous. Indeed, influenza is responsible for many fatalities worldwide.

The impact of the illness depends largely on the strength of one’s immune system, so it is no surprise that the elderly and the young are particularly at risk. Annual flu shots are available, which helps keep up with the evolution of the pathogen. Flu shots are recommended for all, especially the most vulnerable.

Symptom #1: Fever

As warm-blooded animals, we are able to regulate the temperature of our bodies. In other words, we are able to stay warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer, within reason. The ability to regulate our temperature serves as a line of defense in protecting us against pathogens.

When we fall ill with influenza (or many other diseases), the body’s temperature increases. This helps to make the body an inhospitable place for the pathogen, thus slowing or halting its progress. While such fevers will usually pass harmlessly, they can potentially rise to dangerously high levels, so a fever should be monitored closely.


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