Flu Like Symptoms

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The flu is one of the most common diseases that people can get. It used to be dangerous before modern medicine, but it is now something that is usually easily dealt with, but it should still not be treated with complacency. The condition comes with a number of unwelcome symptoms, and the severity of those conditions will vary.

Because the flu is such a common disease, its symptoms are often referred to when discussing other, unrelated diseases. This gives birth to the term “flu-like” symptoms, which is something that most people will be able to relate to. Here are some of the symptoms that we associate with the flu.

1. Fever

Many things can cause a fever. With so many possibilities, it is almost impossible to say we have the flu from a fever alone but, still, the flu is often the first thing we think of when a fever develops. A fever is caused by our immune system as a method of protecting itself against pathogens. Because a fever is so closely associated with the flu, however, it is often still described as a flu-like symptom, even when caused by other diseases.


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