10 Symptoms of Hives

The world around us is full of pathogens and substances that could be harmful to us. The good news is that our immune system works tirelessly to protect us, fighting off disease and toxins even when we sleep. Sometimes, though, our body can react to substances that do not pose a threat to us. This is what we call an allergy and they affect people in different ways.

Allergies cause the body to release histamines, which are compounds that help the immune system. This release of histamines causes a range of symptoms, including hives in some people. Hives are swollen, red rashes that can be very uncomfortable.

Symptom #1: Extremely Itchy

An itch is a reaction that is caused by something irritating the skin. It can be very useful in alerting you to the presence of an irritant. It can also be detrimental because excessive scratching can lead to breaks in the skin and possible infections. If you do have an itch, it is recommended that you use all your willpower to avoid scratching it.

Some itches are easier to resist than others, though, and hives can be very difficult not to scratch. The sensation can be unbearable at times, making it a very unpleasant condition to be suffering from. You can find various remedies and methods to help relieve the itch symptoms and prevent scratching.

Hives Symptoms

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