10 Symptoms of a Heel Spur

Our skeletons are made up largely of calcium, which is a mineral that helps to give our bones their strength. Indeed, it is well known that we should include plenty of milk and other calcium-rich foods in our diet to help our bones grow and remain healthy. Sometimes, though, calcium can begin to accumulate in our bodies in unusual ways, causing problems and abnormalities.

One such abnormality is heel spurs, which are caused by calcium deposits that create a protrusion from the heel. Although not dangerous, they can be very painful and can have a considerable detrimental impact on the patient’s quality of life. Treatments are available that can help relieve the patient of symptoms, although surgery may be required in some cases.

Symptom #1: Inflammation

Our internal bodily tissues are generally quite sensitive and do not react well to irritations. This is usually not a problem as these tissues are well protected, but inflammation in these areas can lead to some very uncomfortable problems that can be quite painful.

With the heel spur projecting through the soft tissues of the foot, the tissues there can become quite inflamed. This can be clearly visible in many cases and most likely to be noticeable at the front of the heel. Treatments and remedies are available that can help reduce the inflammation.

Heel Spur Symptoms

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