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Cancers are pretty nasty things but, thankfully, many types can be cured, or at least treated. Others, however, are much harder to treat and people with them are likely to be looking at a considerably shortened life. One of these types is head tumors, and they are among the hardest to treat of all.

Not all head tumors are necessarily terminal and some people will make a full recovery. As with all types of cancer, the patient has a greater chance of survival and recovery if the tumor is caught early on in its development. This means that regular check-ups are a good idea, and it also pays to know more about tumors and what to look out for.

1. Tumor

A tumor is basically a group of cells that grow in an abnormal manner to form a mass of tissue. Usually, when cells develop a problem they will die off and be replaced by fresh cells. In a tumor, however, these cells do not die and will continue to multiply.

They can occur in pretty much any part of the body, and they can also affect people of all ages. They can occur in the head, including the brain, and they can cause some potentially severe problems. Depending on the type of tumor, it can spread to the rest of the brain, consuming the brain as it goes.

Head Tumor

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