10 Symptoms of Ear Infections

Ear infections, which are medically known as acute otitis media, can bring many symptoms with them. They are typically caused by some sort of infection that makes its way into the middle ear.

The middle ear is an area behind the eardrum. It contains a lot of the bones that make up the structure of the ear and allow us to hear. If an infection develops in this part of the ear, one will experience a number of symptoms that might require medical attention.

Some infections clear up quite quickly, but others may remain for a long while. Also, children are much more likely to be seriously affected by an ear infection. If you have experienced symptoms for a long time or are taking care of a child who seems to be suffering from an infection, it’s important that you seek treatment.

Symptom #1: Ear Aches

This is the most obvious sign of an ear infection, and the one that’s most commonly reported. The pain associated with ear infections is commonly associated with a dull, throbbing ache in the middle of the ear. Pain can arise sporadically or can be continuous, with sparks of severe pain in between.

The pain may become more intense depending on the position that the person is currently in. It’s generally noted that pain is more intense when a person is lying down, particularly if the ear that’s infected is facing downwards.

An earache is usually the first symptom that allows people to recognize that they have an ear infection. It is usually worth concern if you are losing sleep due to the pain.

Symptoms Of Ear Infection

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