What Is an Ear Infection?

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The main function of our ears is to allow us to hear what is going on around us. This happens because delicate organs in our ears detect the sound waves flowing around us, and the brain is then able to translate these waves into what we know as sound.

The ear also performs other functions, such as helping us to balance, making it even more important for us. If we were to have something go wrong with our ears then it could change our lives drastically. There are things that can go wrong, including infections, although thankfully these are not usually serious.

1. Acute Otitis Media

Acute otitis media is the technical medical term for an ear infection. The inner ear is located deep inside our skull and behind our ear drum. This is where the apparatus that help us to hear and balance are located. Although the inner is located within the skill, it is still prone to becoming infected from time to time.

Ear infections can be very painful, and they can also make us feel very ill. They are usually not serious however, and most people will make a full recovery with no lasting damage done. Ear infections can become serious if left untreated, however, so it is a good idea to speak with a doctor as soon as you suspect you might have one.

Ear Infection

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