10 Home Remedies For Ear Infections

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Ear infections are most commonly caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi that get trapped in the ear. It is more common among children compared to adults.

Some conditions that may increase the risk of an ear infection are eczema, type 2 diabetes, psoriasis, and individuals who have a weakened immune system. Associated symptoms include a fever, ear discharge, and loss of balance.

An ear infection can cause significant pain, which usually resolves on its own. Below are 10 home remedies that you can try to reduce the symptoms of an ear infection. If it does not resolve after three days, you should see a doctor.

Remedy #1: Cold or Warm Compress

The compress can be prepared by soaking a washcloth in water that is cold or warm. Wring the washcloth and place it over the affected ear. Both temperatures are acceptable. While some recommend alternating both cold and warm compresses, those who prefer one temperature over the other can continue with just one compress.

It is especially helpful if there is pain associated with the ear infection. A cold compress helps to reduce the warmth and inflammation while a warm compress can help increase blood circulation to accelerate healing.

Ear Infections

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