10 Common Sleep Disorders

Every night when you get into bed, you should ideally fall asleep shortly. Unfortunately, you probably toss and turn for hours on end, sweet sleep so hard to come by. This may cause you to end up getting less than adequate sleep. According to available statistics, you are not alone.

The American Sleep Association says that 50-70 million United States adults have sleep disorders. These disorders affect the victims and are responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries every year as a result of accidents. Sleep disorders also cause reduced productivity besides adversely affecting quality of life. But what are these sleep disorders?

The following are the top 10 common sleep disorders:

Common Sleep Disorder #1: Snoring

Snoring is one of the most common sleep disorders affecting about 48 percent of the population. Snoring is the term used to describe the sound that some people produce as they breathe during sleep. The sound results from the vibrations of the upper respiratory structures especially within the throat and the back of the mouth. But why would these structures vibrate loudly during sleep and not during daytime hours?

This is mainly because the muscles supporting these structures, as with other muscles, relax when you sleep. When this happens, to a certain extent, these structures can get in the way and the body has to do extra work to get air past them and into the lungs. Some cases of snoring are caused by a more serious problem known as obstructive sleep apnea.

Common Sleep Disorders

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