10 Causes of Chest Pain

By james
Reviewed: Dr. Gromatzky
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Cause #2: Pneumonia

We take breathing for granted and rarely even think about it at all, but we know it is an essential function. Without the ability to breathe we will simply die, so when we have problems with the lungs we tend to sit up and take notice. An infection of the lungs, known as pneumonia, has the potential to be fatal so symptoms should be treated as an emergency.

If you are experiencing chest pains, it could be a symptom of pneumonia so it is something that should be taken seriously. In addition to chest pains, you are likely to experience difficulty breathing, a fever, and a painful cough that brings up mucus. While pneumonia can often be treated with antibiotics, the very young, the very old and the very weak may not respond to treatment.

Chest Pain

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