What Is Tietze Syndrome?

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Our rib cage helps to form a protective cage that keeps the organs and other soft tissues inside safe. It is able to withstand a reasonable amount of force and keeps us fairly safe in our day to day lives. It is made up of several parts, and these are held together in the middle.

Tietze syndrome is a condition that affects the joints where our ribs meet the sternum. It is not necessarily a dangerous condition in itself, but it can be extremely uncomfortable for the patient. The cure for the condition, if possible, depends on what is causing it. If a cure is not available then the patient can at least be treated for their symptoms in many cases.

1. The Costochondral Joint

Our ribs are all connected to the sternum. Also known as the breastbone, the sternum is the bony plate that is found at the front of the chest, starting at the collar bone and going down to just above the abdomen. The sternum and the ribs combine to create a cage that helps to protect the protect the lungs and the other organs located in the chest area.

Each rib is connected to the sternum by a joint made of cartilage. This helps to bind the bones together while also offering some flexibility to allow for breathing. These joints are known as costochondral joints.

Tietze Syndrome

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