10 Benefits of Sleep

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Sleep Benefit #1: Improves Blood Circulation

Blood circulation transfers oxygen, minerals, and nutrients to every part of the body. In addition, maintaining proper circulation promotes organ function and cell growth. Common symptoms of poor blood flow throughout the body are tingling sensations or numbness in certain parts of the body, an irregular heartbeat, pain in the legs, muscle cramps, headaches, edema, dry skin, hair loss, dizziness, fatigue, and cold feet and hands.

Although the research cannot explain why, acute sleep loss and cardiovascular health go hand-in-hand. As a pattern of sleep deprivation forms, vascular health is compromised and can eventually result in the development of cardiovascular disease. On the same note, getting an adequate amount of sleep improves blood circulation.


Sleep Benefit #2: Appetite Regulation

It is well known that appetite is regulated by hormones leptin and ghrelin. In the brain, leptin – secreted by fat cells – signals fullness while ghrelin – secreted by the digestive system – signals hunger to stimulate the appetite. Together these hormones maintain the body’s weight.

Sleep deprivation causes leptin blood levels to drop reducing one’s ability to recognize being full. Additionally, ghrelin levels elevate for an increase in appetite. In other words, not getting enough sleep results in a hormonal imbalance which causes you to overeat.


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