10 Acute Renal Failure Symptoms

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Every day, we ingest or inhale numerous toxins into our body. The food that we eat contains toxins and the air that we breathe contains toxins. While this may sound alarming, it is actually quite natural as toxins are just part of the world that we live in. It is also not something we should usually be concerned about because our body does an excellent job at filtering these toxins out.

We can mostly thank our liver and kidneys for keeping us protected from these toxins. They work hard at keeping us safe all day, every day, but things can go wrong.

Acute renal failure is basically when the kidneys stop working properly and it can be a real threat to your life. Here are some of the signs that your kidneys may be failing.

Symptom #1: Decreased Urination

The kidneys filter toxins and other unwanted elements from our blood. As it filters these out, the toxins are held in a liquid that we know as urine. The urine is sent to the bladder where it will be stored, but the bladder has only a fairly small capacity. From time to time, the bladder will need to be emptied.

If the kidneys are not functioning as well as they should be then they will be filtering fewer toxins from the blood. This, in turn, means that there will be less urine, and the bladder will not need to be emptied as often. If you have noticed that you are urinating less than you should be, you should get it checked out.

Acute Renal Failure

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