Acute Bronchitis: 10 Acute Bronchitis Symptoms

Author By: Dr. Iliriana B., MD, Health Team on 05 Feb, 2019

Acute Bronchitis Symptom #2: Production of Mucus

Inflammation of the bronchial tubes leads to excessive production of mucus. Coughing up mucus, otherwise known as sputum is a sign of severe acute bronchitis. Sputum is usually yellowish-grey or grey-green in color. In cases when the mucus turns green in color, then this is a sign of a bacterial infection which requires antibiotic treatment.

The recovery period will last longer as well and the probability for further complications of this condition is higher. In rare cases, sputum may contain traces of blood. This should not be something of concern unless it persists. If it does persist then you should consult your healthcare provider.

Acute Bronchitis Symptoms

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