What Is Leaky Gut?

By james
Jul 12, 2020
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Stomach problems are relatively common, and many of us will have experienced times when we have discomfort in the abdomen area. It is also very important to keep the digestive system in good health because it plays a very important part in our overall health.

There are also a number of alleged medical conditions that have not been confirmed by the medical community, but are still believed to be true by a lot of people. One of these is leaky gut syndrome which is thought to be able to cause a number of unwelcome symptoms. As with all medical conditions, it is always best to listen to the advice of genuine professionals.

1. Intestinal Permeability

Intestinal permeability is an alternative name used for leaky gut. It is recognized that some medications and other causes can result in bacteria, debris, and toxins, ‘leaking’ through the walls of the bowels. However, this is rare and is not known to cause problems for the patient.

Leaky gut is a proposed condition where toxins are somehow able to pass through the walls of the bowels and into the patient’s blood stream on a regular basis. Despite being a popular theory for many there is, as yet, no evidence to support the claim. Regardless, many people are still convinced it is a genuine phenomenon.

Leaky Gut

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