Why Do We Sneeze?

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Everybody sneezes. Some people are more prone to sneezing than others, but it is still a very natural phenomenon that affects everybody. It is also something that affects many other species. Much of the time, it is nothing more than a minor irritant but, for some people, a sneezing fit can be debilitating.

There are various reasons why we sneeze. It is an involuntary response so we cannot choose not to sneeze, but we can sometimes choose to avoid the triggers. Here’s a look at some of the reasons we sneeze and an insight into what we can do to prevent it sometimes.

1. Nervous System

Our bodies are interlaced with an extensive network of nerves, and they all connect back to the brain and/or the spinal cord. This system is important because it allows us to give the brain important information such as whether or not the kettle that we have our hand on is hot.

The messages are sent to and from the brain using electrical impulse and they take just a moment to reach their destination. Our noses are also connected up to this system and, if something triggers a message to the brain, the brain will reply with a message that tells us to sneeze.


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