What Is Vitiligo?

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People from all over the world have different skin colors. People that come from sunny, hot climates tend to have darker skin and those in colder climates tend to be much fairer. This is a very natural phenomenon, and something we evolved to help protect us from the sun.

Regardless of skin color, we tend to have the same colored skin all over our body. Birth marks can cause patches of different color, as can having some parts of the skin exposed to the sun, and others not. There is also a medical condition known as vitiligo that can caused patches of different colors, and it can be quite visually striking.

1. Melanin

Melanin is a common type of natural pigment that is found in humans. It helps to give color to our skin, hair, and our eyes. Melanin is made naturally in our bodies by specialized cells that are known as melanocytes. Different people will have different levels of melanin than others, and this is determined by genetics.

Melanin is useful to us in a number of ways, including providing protection against the sun’s UV rays. For this reason, people of different races tend to have different colored skin according to where they live in the world. Some people will have disorders with the melanin production in their body, one of which is vitiligo.


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