What Is Nephritis?

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Anything that goes into our bodies is likely to contain toxins and other substances that we don’t need. Our bodies are also going to produce waste products, and these will all need to be removed from the body to prevent them from doing us harm. We have evolved a way of dealing with this waste, which largely involves our kidneys.

Our kidneys are a type of biological filter, and they help to keep our blood clean 24/7. They are essential for keeping us in good health so it is important we take care of them the best we can. Things can still go wrong even for the most careful people, however. One example of which is nephritis.

1. Nephritis

Nephritis, which used to be known as Bright’s disease, is a condition where your kidneys become inflamed. There are several potential causes for it, and it has the potential to be quite serious. It can affect the ability of our kidneys to do their job as well as usual, which can result in some very unwelcome symptoms.

Nephritis can be placed into two main types: Acute and chronic. The chronic variety will develop gradually over time, whereas the acute variety will come on suddenly. Nephritis can be also be placed into other categories, each of which has different causes and different potential symptoms.


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