10 Reye's Syndrome Symptoms

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Reye’s syndrome is not a very common condition, but it is a very serious one. The condition results in the swelling of the liver and the brain, and some of the symptoms can be quite severe. The condition, which usually affects children or young teenagers, tends to strike most often when the patient is recovering from a viral infection such as flu and the use of aspirin to treat it. A number of symptoms can emerge quite quickly, such as seizures and loss of consciousness, and emergency attention is often required.

One of the things that has been linked to Reye’s syndrome is aspirin. If you’re going to be giving these drugs to your children, you should be extremely cautious and limit their use—especially if you’re using the drugs to help your children overcome some of the symptoms of flu.

Other than that, the exact cause isn’t currently known. It could be related to various metabolic conditions that are made apparent by the viral infection. Children born with fatty acid oxidation disorders also seem to be more likely to develop Reye’s. There is also some indication that being exposed to toxins such as insecticides might contribute to the development of Reye’s syndrome. The best way to manage the syndrome is to catch it early and begin treatment immediately. If your child has a fatty acid oxidation disorder, you can get them treatment for it so that they run less of a risk of developing Reye’s syndrome.

Symptom #1: Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the initial signs and symptoms associated with Reye’s syndrome. The initial symptoms tend to occur in children who are younger than the age of two and this can indicate that they are going to develop more serious complications as the disease progresses.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons that a newborn baby could experience diarrhea. Diarrhea on its own is no reason to suspect that your baby is developing something as serious as Reye’s syndrome. If the diarrhea is persistent, talk to your healthcare provider to find out what kind if treatment is needed.

Reye's Syndrome

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