What Is Pulmonary Tuberculosis?

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There are numerous conditions that can affect our lungs. Some of them can have very mild effects, while others can be rather more uncomfortable. We rely on our lungs for the oxygen that we need so serious lung conditions can be dangerous to us. One example of such a condition is pulmonary tuberculosis.

Pulmonary tuberculosis is a condition that should be taken very seriously if you catch it. It can be very serious and, in some cases, it will lead to a fatality. Thankfully, it is not a common condition, but that does not mean that reasonable precautions should be taken.

1. Once Rare

Tuberculosis used to be a rare condition in the developed world, and it was only really people that travelled that were likely to get it. This is because, despite being potentially dangerous, most people have an immune system that is strong enough to protect them against it. This changed in developed countries in the 80s, however, thanks to the emergence of another serious infection: HIV.

HIV leads to AIDS, which stand for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. As the name suggests, it causes peoples’ immune systems to fail. This made victims more likely to develop diseases, including tuberculosis. This caused numbers of TB to surge, although they were controlled again in the 90s. It is still a disease that needs to be treated with caution.

Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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