What Is Post Polio Syndrome?

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Our bodies are interlaced with nerve cells that help to relay messages throughout the body. These messages include those that allow us to feel pain and other sensations, and those that send commands for our muscles to make certain actions.

If something was to go wrong with these nerve cells, then it can have a profound negative impact on our lives. It can affect how we feel, our ability to move, and even the ability to use essential organs. It can be very dangerous and it can be the result of different underlying causes, one of which is post polio syndrome.

1. Polio

Polio is a disease that used to be common even in developed nations. However, the introduction of a vaccine in the late 1970s has seen the disease become all but extinct in many parts of the world. The disease can still be found in some parts of the world where vaccine programs are not standard, however.

Polio a disease caused by the poliovirus. The disease causes damage to the nerves, resulting in a number of unwelcome symptoms. The patient can begin to lose control over their limbs and develop difficulties breathing, and the disease will also be fatal in some cases.

Post Polio Syndrome

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