What Is Meiosis?

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All species on Earth reproduce to help continue the species, but some have some very different methods of procreation than others. In human beings, copulation occurs that enables the male sperm cells to be introduced to female ovum (eggs). This method allows DNA to be shared by both parents, allowing each of their characteristics to be adopted by their children.

In order for this to happen, suitable cells need to be produced to enable procreation. This is achieved in humans by a process known as meiosis. Here’s a closer look at what meiosis is and the various stages that are involved.

1. Interphase

The first stage in the meiosis process is known as the interphase. It is also the first step in Meiosis I. The first step is for the DNA in the cell to be copied, resulting in two identical sets of full chromosomes. The DNA is basically the blueprint that determines much about us physically and mentally.

In addition, there are two centrosomes in the cell. These consist of two microtubule rings known as centrioles. The purpose of these rings is to help provide structure for the cell by organizing microtubules. They are also responsible for helping to pull apart chromatids during the cell division process.


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