10 Early Signs of Labor

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Having a baby is a very exciting time, while it is also often a time of much apprehension. Everybody will be hopeful that the pregnancy goes well and that there are no complications on the big day itself. In order to help make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, it can help to recognize the signs that labor is approaching.

The signs of approaching labor will vary from woman to woman. What, in some women, will mean labor is due immediately, can mean labor is days away in other women.

Remember that if you are unsure, you should always seek medical assistance.

Early Sign #1: Looser Joints

As we get older, we tend to feel that our joints get gradually stiffer. This is mainly because our body parts are not as supple as they once were, but we can help maintain mobility and flexibility with exercise. Pregnant women can also find that their joints become looser as they approach labor.

A baby is quite a large object to pass out from the body, and it will need all the help it can get. As such, the body will begin to produce more relaxin, which is a type of hormone that helps our joints to relax. This also helps to relax the pelvis, and this makes it easier for the baby to be born.

Early Labor

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