What Is Lockjaw?

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Lockjaw is a disease that would strike fear into the heart of people in the past. It resulted in some extremely painful symptoms that would leave the patient screaming in agony. It could also cause complications that were severe enough to result in a fatality. Fortunately, with vaccinations and other modern medicine, lockjaw doesn’t strike us with fear as it used to.

The disease has not completely disappeared, however, and we are all advised to take precautions. This mainly means getting vaccinated and making sure wounds are dealt with appropriately. You should also take more precautions if you expect to be travelling to developing parts of the world.

1. Lockjaw

Lockjaw is a potentially serious disease that is also known as tetanus. It is far less common than it used to be, thanks largely to vaccines, although it can still be encountered. Regardless, it is advisable to make sure you are vaccinated no matter how common it may be in your area.

The disease gets its name from the way it can cause the patient to contract their neck and jaw muscles involuntarily. This can be painful for the patient, while lockjaw can also make it difficult for the patient to breathe. It can be fatal, so the disease should be taken very seriously indeed.


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