What Is Chronic Stress?

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Everyone experiences stress at different times, and a little bit can actually be healthy. Mild stress can be an effective motivator, and it can inspire enthusiasm and excitement.

Chronic stress is what happens when it becomes too much to handle in a healthy manner. It can not only affect your psychological well-being but can have some physical side effects as well. Learning to manage stress effectively is the key to keeping it from getting out of control.

1. Is Stress Normal?

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. Any change can bring a certain amount of stress with it. These changes often come from your environment. Stress can also be triggered by changes in your body or thought processes. Many people think of it as a reaction to negative stimuli, but even positive changes such as a new relationship or promotion can trigger a stress response.

The typical stress response is heightened alertness and awareness. In potentially dangerous situations, some people experience a fight-or-flight response. This is your body’s natural defense against things that you perceive to be harmful. Stress responses function to keep us alive and well.

Chronic Stress

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