What Is Cervicitis?

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There are many possible disorders that affect the female reproductive system. Cervicitis affects the cervix directly but can also lead to issues with the surrounding tissues and the reproductive organs. If you suspect you may have cervicitis, it is important to contact your physician for prompt diagnosis to avoid potential complications.

The cervix is the part of the uterus that serves as the connection between the uterus and the opening to the vagina. It is a narrow passage that can change during the reproductive cycle and during childbirth to allow a baby to pass from the uterus into the vaginal canal. A healthy cervix is able to protect the uterus and other internal organs from infection, so it’s important to contact a physician with any suspected cervical issues.

1. What Is Cervicitis?

When the cervix becomes inflamed it can be a sign of cervicitis. In some cases, cervicitis is more obvious due to physical symptoms but it is often diagnosed by observation during a routine gynecological exam. This condition is usually caused by disease or disorders that need to be treated before the cervicitis will resolve.

During a routine exam, the physician looks for signs of inflammation or infection that can indicate cervicitis. The physician also asks questions about any symptoms the patient is experiencing. Some of the symptoms can be subtle and the patient may attribute them to other possible conditions.


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