What Is Cervical Stenosis?

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The importance of a healthy spine cannot be underestimated. Our spine helps to give us support and flexibility, and moving around would be all but impossible without it. Our spine also plays an important part in our central nervous system as it helps to protect the spinal cord.

If we were to develop a problem with our spine then we will soon know about it. It can affect us in a number of different ways, and it can have an impact on our entire body. One such condition is cervical stenosis, and it can have a profound impact on the patient’s quality of life.

1. Spinal Canal

Running through the center of our spines is a canal known as the spinal canal. This canal is a passageway that contains the spinal cord. This is a bundle of nerves that travels from the brain down to toward the bottom of the spine. Along with the brain, the spinal cord is an important part of our central nervous system.

Damage to the spinal cord can be very harmful to us, so thankfully, it is protected by the spine that surrounds it. While the spinal canal will usually help to keep the spinal cord safe, the space can sometimes become too narrow. This can result in a condition known as cervical stenosis, and it can result in some very unwelcome symptoms.

Cervical Stenosis

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