What Is Anxiety?

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Anxiety is a very natural phenomenon. It is even important for us. It is a result of certain hormones being released into the system, and it helps to keep us alert when we need to be. As important as it is for us, too much of it is dangerous for us. Some people suffer from anxiety disorders, which cause anxiety to have a huge impact on their lives.

Anxiety has the potential to disrupt a person’s life to the point where it is difficult for them to cope. It can also lead to potentially severe mental and physical health conditions, and it can also shorten peoples’ life spans.

1. Causes

It is not well understood what causes anxiety. However, we do know that people who have experienced traumatic events are more likely to experience it. This includes people that suffered abuse as children. It is also thought that certain traits that are inherited are also more likely to make somebody suffer from anxiety.

We also know that people who certain drugs are more likely to develop anxiety disorders. Also, some people will also inherit certain personality traits that will make them more prone to developing anxiety disorders. More research is being done into anxiety disorders to help understand them better, and maybe even find a cure.


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