What Is an Eye Spasm?

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Tweaks and twitches are not uncommon symptoms at all, and they are a part of everyday life for a lot of people. They are involuntary contractions of the muscles and they are usually only slight. They are usually only short lived and completely harmless. They can sometimes be a sign of a serious underlying cause, however.

One example of such a twitch is an eye spasm. Eye spasms happen when the muscles controlling our eyelids contract involuntarily. Here we take a closer look at what eyes spasms are, what can cause them, and what we can do to treat them.

1. Myokymia

Myokymia is the technical medical term for the symptom commonly referred to as eye twitching. It will usually only last for a few seconds, or maybe a few minutes, and is completely harmless in the majority of times. Usually little more than a minor irritant, most people will just carry on regardless as though the twitch was not there.

While these twitches are harmless, they can sometimes be the sign of a potentially serious underlying problem. There is no need to be concerned if they last for only a few minutes or so, but you should speak with a doctor if the symptom persists.

Eye Spasm

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