What Is a Liver Cyst?

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Cysts are quite common phenomena. They are usually sacs that are filled with fluid, but it is not always fluid they are filled with. They can happen pretty much anywhere on the body and most people are likely to develop at least one at some point in their lives. The good news is that cysts are usually harmless.

Cysts are usually non-cancerous, but they can still cause problems in a small number of cases. This generally happens when they grow so large, or there are so many of them that they begin to affect the surrounding tissues. Even when this does happen, they can usually still be treated.

1. Overview

As mentioned, cysts can develop pretty much anywhere on the body, and the liver is no exception. Liver cysts are quite rare, though, and only around 5% of people will develop them. Little is known why they occur, although they are often linked with other medical conditions.

The cysts will sometimes consist of a solid mass of cells. In other cases, they can be made of a type of fluid. Liver cysts are usually quite harmless, and many people won’t even be aware that they have one. The cysts can also usually be treated, that is if treatment is even deemed necessary.

Liver Cyst

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