What Causes Lupus?

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Lupus is a condition that experts often find difficult to diagnose. This is largely because its symptoms are so similar to many other conditions. The symptoms can also vary considerably from patient to patient. There is not a single test that can diagnose the condition, so several tests will need to be undertaken.

In the past, lupus has taken many lives, but modern medicine means it is now nowhere nearly as dangerous as it used to be. While it is not usually a dangerous condition now, it can still be dangerous in some cases so treatment should always be sought. Most patients will make a full recovery, but a few will acquire some long-term complications.

1. Autoimmune

All around us are threats from bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins, and other substances that have the potential to cause us real harm. Thankfully, however, we are protected by a system that springs into action whenever a threat is present. This system is known as the immune system, and we would be in a lot of trouble without it. Unfortunately, the immune system can also be the cause of problems for some people. An autoimmune condition is where the body is attacked by the immune system, and it can cause a host of problems for people. One example of an autoimmune condition is lupus.


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