What Are Seizures?

By amanda
Reviewed: Dr. Mera
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2. What Are the Differences Between Focal and Generalized Seizures?

Focal seizures are considered to be “partial” because only a limited area of one brain hemisphere is affected. People who experience focal seizures may or may not have impaired awareness. Additionally, a focal seizure may or may not involve physical movement.

For those who do lose awareness (during a focal seizure), this episode is known as focal impaired awareness seizure (previously known as complex partial seizures). These types of seizures can involve becoming unaware of one’s surroundings and automatisms (i.e. picking at clothes, lip-smacking). On the other hand, generalized seizures affect both brain hemispheres simultaneously. Also, they can be subdivided into subtypes (i.e. tonic-clonic, absence, atonic).


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