What Are Lipids?

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Lipids have a bad name, and are responsible for a high percentage of health problems in people all over the world. One of the main reasons for their unhealthy reputation is their high calorie content which contributes greatly to obesity problems worldwide. Lipids are also a major contributor to heart disease and other health problem.

Despite this, we should never try to completely remove lipids from our diets because, despite the downsides, they are still essential to us. Here’s a closer look at what lipids are, why they can be so bad for us, and why they are also so important to us.

1. What Are Lipids Made From?

Lipids are molecules that are made up largely, if not entirely, from hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons themselves are compounds that are made from hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon atoms. They are important to us in a number of ways, one being that they help to make up the structure of our body’s cells. Lipids are also important for the functioning of our cells.

Some examples of lipids include, wax, fish oils, animal fats, some vitamins, and some hormones. They are very common in the food that we eat, which is a good thing because we would simply not be able to live without them.


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