10 Symptoms of Swimmer's Ear

We’ve all experienced getting water stuck in our ear canal from time to time. Although not unpleasant, it is noticeable and does affect our hearing ability. Usually, it will come out in time without causing any harm to us. Sometimes, though, it can lead to a potentially nasty infection of the ear canal.

Bacteria thrives in water so if there is water in the ear canal, it could become a breeding ground for germs. If there is a scratch in the inner ear or any other imperfection that might allow bacteria to enter through the skin, an infection can take hold. This condition is known as swimmer’s ear, for obvious reasons, and can become unpleasant but it is fairly easy to treat.

Symptom #1: Itchiness

We all get an itch from time to time and giving it a good scratch will often help provide relief. Itches can be caused by a wide range of things, most of which are only temporary. Sometimes, though, an itch can hang around for longer and can be a sign of an underlying problem.

An itchy ear is quite common and not usually something to be concerned about but if it is persistent then you might need to take a closer look. Itchiness of the ear is a common symptom of swimmer’s ear so you might need to arrange to see a doctor if symptoms persist.

Symptoms Of Swimmer's Ear

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