10 Signs of Kidney Stones

Author By James

Our kidneys are hard at work all day, every day, making sure that our blood is as clean as possible. Without them, toxins would accumulate in our blood and we can become very sick, very quickly. It is important that we help keep them in good shape, but this is not always easy.

Kidney stones are hard lumps of minerals and salts that accumulate in the kidneys over time. Usually, small deposits pass through the system in the urine, but sometimes they can grow into larger formations.

Once they get to a certain size, they can cause a range of symptoms, in addition to being very painful to pass.

Kidney Stones Sign #1: Difficulty Sleeping

The kidneys do a superb job of helping to keep our blood clean of toxins. If the kidneys are unable to do their job properly, the blood is likely to have a higher toxin content than usual. This can lead to health problems and can lead to a difficulty falling asleep.

Kidney stones can prevent the kidneys from functioning as well as they should. This can cause an increase in toxin levels in the blood, which lowers our ability to fall asleep. If you are having difficulty sleeping for whatever reason, a doctor may be able to help.

Signs Of Kidney Stones

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