10 Symptoms of Osteoporosis

By james
Reviewed: Dr. Gromatzky
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Without a strong skeleton, the force of gravity would cause us to slump to the floor. The skeleton provides a framework that, along with the muscles, allows us to stand up straight and move around. It needs to be strong, though, as it needs to be able to support our weight and withstand the forces of impacts.

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes people to begin losing their bone mass. This leads to skeletons that are weaker and, therefore, increasingly prone to breaking. It can also lead to changes in posture and a range of other complications. There is no known cure, but treatments are available to help strengthen the bones and ease symptoms.

Symptom #1: Stooping

Our skeletons help to give our bodies the rigidity and support that it needs. As strong as our muscles may be, they cannot support the body alone and a weakened skeleton can lead to a wide range of complications. One such symptom is that it can become harder to stand up straight.

Children are often told to keep their backs straight to ensure they develop properly so they have the right posture as adults. Even those that have attained the right natural posture, though, can still find that they lose it with age, or with illness. One symptom of osteoporosis is that it will cause people to develop a stooping posture as it develops.


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