10 Symptoms of OCD

OCD, or obsessive compulsive disorder, is the fairly self-explanatory name given to a condition in which people feel the need to repeatedly, or compulsively, engage in certain behaviors. If they don’t get a chance to engage in these behaviors, they may feel uncomfortable, much like the feeling of holding in a sneeze.

If you have a friend who constantly needs to organize their room in a certain way, or one who carries a bottle of hand sanitizer to use at every possible opportunity, then these people might fit the criteria for having OCD.

While OCD is not an inherently dangerous condition, it can be good to be aware of it so you can make accommodations and changes to your lifestyle to manage it. There are a number of symptoms that can indicate that you have OCD, and these are ten of the most common.

Symptom #1: Hand-washing

It’s normal to wash your hands after using the restroom, cooking a meal, or doing something that gets them dirty. However, people with OCD tend to take hand-washing to the next level.

Compulsive hand-washers are one of the most widely accepted types of OCD patients. There is usually some reason for the compulsive hand-washing - generally an irrational fear of germs and contamination - but this can also occur if someone is constantly afraid of getting someone else sick.

If you are worried that your hands are dirty or germ-ridden even after giving them a good wash, you may want to seek some help.

Symptoms Of OCD

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