10 Liver Disease Symptoms

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Our livers are very important to us. Their main function is to help clean the body of toxins but that is not all they are responsible for. They also help regulate the levels of hormones in our body, our energy levels, and a range of other important functions.

They need to be looked after properly, though, and we can become quite ill if something goes wrong. Liver disease affects millions of people worldwide. It is often caused by excess alcohol consumption, obesity, and an unhealthy way of life.

However, even otherwise healthy people can develop liver disease. Liver disease is a blanket term that can apply to a wide range of problems involving the liver.

Symptom #1: Jaundice

Our liver’s main function is to help clean toxins from the blood. It is also responsible for cleaning up old blood cells from the blood. The breaking down of old blood cells results in a substance known as bilirubin and this is usually dealt with by the liver. However, with a failing liver, the bilirubin may not be dealt with as it usually is.

This can lead to bilirubin flowing through the blood. It is yellow in color and this yellowness shows through the skin and the eyes. This causes the patient to take on a yellowish hint in what is a clear signal that something is wrong with the liver. This condition is known as jaundice.

Liver Disease

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