10 Symptoms of Hernia

A hernia is often associated with the abdomen, though they can actually occur anywhere in the body. Despite that, the most common places that hernias occur are the inner or outer groin (known as inguinal and femoral hernias, respectively) near the belly button (an umbilical hernia) or in the upper abdomen (a hiatal hernia). They can also occur fairly commonly in places where there is a recent scar from a surgery.

A hernia is a lump that emerges when the muscles become weak. The fatty tissues in the body or organs manage to squeeze out through the weakened muscles. Most often these organs are the bladder or the intestines.

Hernias can be mild at best, but they can also be extremely painful. They can be aggravated by intense movements and often satiated by lying down in an appropriate position. If you’re worried that you might have a hernia, here are 10 signs that would indicate that you do.

Symptom #1: Lumps

The first thing that usually indicates that someone is developing a hernia is a visible lump appearing under their skin. This is usually first observed as a swollen area, which grows into a visible bump. These most commonly appear in the abdomen or around the groin, and are an indication that your organs are protruding through your muscle tissue.

This is the most common characteristic of a hernia, and if you notice a painful lump anywhere, you should get it checked out by a professional. It may not be indicative of a hernia, but painful lumps are certainly something worth getting looked at.

Symptoms Of Hernia

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