Health Benefits of Cold Showers

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Those in need of a quick pick-me-up may opt for a cold shower to clear the fog and get back on task. But not everyone seems to find this a great way for a boost. Others turn to caffeine and sugar if they only need a short burst of energy.

But a cold shower is so much more than just a refreshing lift. It also happens to have a positive impact on important bodily functions such as circulation. Other benefits include short-term boosts to the immune system and an increase in overall wellness.

1. Improves Circulation

Circulation is an important factor in overall health as it gets oxygen-filled blood to the cells. It also transports blood stripped of oxygen back to the heart to start the process again. If the circulatory system doesn’t work efficiently, it affects the organs and the body’s extremities negatively.

Cold showers improve beta-endorphins, which encourage a stronger circulatory system. Not only can this boost energy levels, but it can improve organ function.1Goldman, Robert. ‘Cold Showers May Improve Circulation And Productivity.’ WorldHealth, Circulation is also important in terms of regulating the heart rate and steadying the resting heart rate.

Cold Showers

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