10 Fatty Liver Symptoms

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Our livers perform a very important function in that they help to cleanse the blood of toxins and anything else that isn’t wanted. For the most part, it does its job 24/7 without us even noticing it is there. Sometimes, though, problems may occur with our liver, and this can cause a range of complications.

Among the most common problems encountered is fatty liver syndrome. As the name suggests, this means that the liver has started to accumulate deposits of fat. This inhibits the organ’s ability to work as well as it should, causing a variety of symptoms. While fatty liver syndrome can be overcome with healthy living, it can be life-threatening in advanced cases.

Symptom #1: Obesity

One indicator of fatty liver syndrome is a larger than usual belly. A person does not necessarily have to be obese in order to have fatty liver, but having the condition is likely to encourage weight gain. This is largely because the liver isn’t functioning at full capacity, leading to a drop blood quality. In turn, the sufferer will turn to more food to compensate.

There are many potential causes of obesity, but you should still seek a diagnosis if you are suffering from other symptoms as well. Even if you are not suffering from fatty liver syndrome but are still obese, it is still advisable to do what you can to reach a healthy weight.

Fatty Liver

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