10 Symptoms of Compartment Syndrome

By james
Reviewed: Dr. Gromatzky
Jul 19, 2019
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Our muscles are found in groups that are known as compartments. These compartments are covered in a tissue that we know as fascia. This tissue is quite tough and has the job of containing the muscle group. It is not flexible and does not expand or stretch with ease.

If you pick up an injury then you may experience internal bleeding within a compartment. Due to the tough and inflexible nature of fascia, this bleeding can lead to considerable pressure building up within the compartment. This can be very painful and can lead to a range of other symptoms.

Compartment syndrome is potentially fatal and is something that should be taken seriously. Below are 10 symptoms of compartment syndrome to look out for.

Symptom #1: Persistent Pain

Aches and pains are a part of life. We can wake up in the morning with unexplained pain in part of our body and it can disappear just as mysteriously as it arrived. If you have a pain that persists, though, then it could be a sign of something potentially serious.

One symptom of compartment syndrome is feeling a new pain that comes on quite suddenly. What’s more is that the pain will remain, unlike other pains that will come and go. If you have a persistent pain anywhere in your body, you should make an appointment with a doctor to get it checked out.

Compartment Syndrome

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