10 Causes Of Neck Pain

By albert
Reviewed: Dr. Mera
Oct 31, 2018
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The neck is responsible for supporting and carrying the head and connects the head to the rest of the body. The neck also bears the upper portion of the spine and the spinal cord. Whenever a person uses his or her eyes, mouth, nose, or ears, the neck will usually be involved. Therefore, the neck often has to perform different types of movements and positioning.

However, the neck faces a lot of challenges due to its location and functions. Many of its tasks put the neck at risk for injury and pain. It is estimated that neck pain affects about 70 percent of the population at some point in life. But what are the causes of neck pain?

Cause #1: Posture

Posture is one of the commonest causes of neck pain. Incorrect posture can, in fact, cause chronic pain. The curve of the spine directly affects the health of the neck as well as other parts of the body. Sitting or standing for long periods of time with the neck bent causes chronic strain that may present in the form of neck pain.

You should make a conscious effort to keep a straight and good posture. When sitting for many hours at work, make it a habit to periodically get up and walk around. While working with a computer, it helps to sit at an adjustable desk so that the screen can be placed at a level that does not require bending the neck.

Neck Pain

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