10 Benefits of Royal Jelly

By tallene
Oct 23, 2018
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Royal jelly has many nutritional benefits, from reducing asthma to helping with liver disease, pancreatitis and stomach ulcers. The proteins in it help with cell growth and reproduction in the body. It has a spicy-acidic sweet taste, different from honey, and is used to feed the queen bee while the honey is used to feed the worker bees. Honeybees only develop into queen bees when they are fed large quantities of royal jelly. It keeps the queen bee safely anchored to the roof of the queen cell to develop into a female bee.

Royal jelly contains about 60% water and 15% protein. It can be consumed in supplement form. Research suggests that taking royal jelly on a regular basis can lower cholesterol levels and treat fertility.

Royal Jelly Benefit #1: Boosts Immunity

When our body is in a state of stress, it releases histamine as an immune response to protect the body. When we are in a constant state of stress, our immune response is constantly being triggered, leading us to be immunocompromised. Royal jelly contains flavonoids, which can enhance the immune system by countering allergens and help with wound healing.

One study suggests that royal jelly can boost the immune system and relieve seasonal allergy symptoms by doing so. It is recommended to start by consuming a very small amount. Many people have allergic reactions to bee products, so be sure to test yourself out before taking a full dose.

Royal Jelly

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