10 Signs Of Autism

By james
Jun 11, 2018
Medical Expert Medical Expert

Our brains are highly complex machines, and there is a lot that could go wrong. Fortunately, most of us suffer no complications, but not all of us are so fortunate. One complication that affects millions of people globally is autism. It affects the development of young people and also helps to make children and adults very awkward socially.

Although people with autism tend to have a lower than average IQ, it is ironically also associated with a very high IQ. Some research has shown that autism can even be a result of a high IQ. With little known about autism, there is still a great deal more research to be done. At least for now, we can look for the telltale signs that tell us a person is afflicted with autism.

Autism Sign #1: Lack Of Empathy

It often appears as though people with autism don’t care about how other people are feeling. The reality is, though, that they struggle to recognise different emotions in other people. It’s not that they don’t care that you are unhappy, they just don’t know that you are unhappy.

This can cause significant problems socially, particularly in younger people. Some people with autism may learn to better recognise emotions as they get older, but it nearly always remains an obstacle. People with autism will generally struggle in social situations as a result of their inability to connect with other peoples’ emotions. It can cause younger children in particular to become alienated.


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