What Is the Mumps?

By james
Oct 7, 2020
Medical Expert Medical Expert

Our saliva glands release saliva into our mouths whenever needed. The important of the fluid is often understated, and our health can be directly affected if we were to be without it for some reason. Thus, it is important that our saliva glands remain healthy, but there are some diseases that can cause them problems.

One such disease is the mumps, which can affect the saliva glands in addition to causing some other problems. The mumps is not usually something to overly concerned about, but it should not be treated with complacency. There is no treatment for the disease, but there is a vaccine that helps to prevent it.

1. The Mumps

Mumps is a type of viral disease that used to be more common than it is now. It is not usually dangerous but it can cause some unwelcome symptoms. There is no treatment for the disease directly, but the patient will usually be able to recover without treatment. It will develop into something dangerous in a small number of cases.

The main reason for the fall in the prevalence of mumps is that a vaccine has been produced. Immune to the disease, few people get it in developed countries where the vaccine is administered to people when they are young. There has been an increase in cases of the mumps over the last few years, however.


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