What Is the Mumps Virus?

By james
Oct 4, 2020
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Saliva is a useful substance for us. It is one of the first processed involved in digesting our food, and it also helps us to taste. Saliva also helps to maintain oral hygiene due it its mildly antiseptic properties. It is produced by our own bodies and then released into our mouths as and when it is needed.

Mumps is a disease that is known for causing the saliva glands to become swollen. It is often easily recognized because of the way it will cause the patient’s cheeks to swell up. It is not usually a dangerous condition, even though it can be uncomfortable. It can be a lot more serious in a very small number of cases, however.

1. Mumps

Mumps is one of those diseases that you have probably heard about but not encountered yourself – depending on how old you are. This is because it used to be a very common disease but is now much rarer, and this is thanks mostly to the development of a vaccine. The virus responsible is still extant, however, and outbreaks of mumps do happen occasionally.

Cases of mumps have increased in recent years thanks mostly to people choosing not to have their children vaccinated. It is thankfully only mild in most cases, but it does have the potential to be very serious.

Mumps Virus

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