Gilbert Syndrome Symptoms

By james
Reviewed: Dr. Mera
May 24, 2020
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Bilirubin is a compound that is a by-product of the process that breaks down spent red blood cells. The substance is then broken down by our liver, but this is not the case for all people. Some people have defects in their livers that means bilirubin is not broken down in a condition known as Gilbert syndrome.

The excess bilirubin in the bloodstream can cause symptoms in some patients and it can be episodic. The symptoms are usually harmless and the episodes can be triggered by dehydration, stress, a bad diet, or an infection.

This is an inherited condition that requires no treatment and usually has few symptoms if any at all.

1. Malaise

One fairly common symptom experienced in people with Gilbert syndrome is malaise. This is the feeling that you are unwell but without any specific symptoms that stand out. It will make the patient feel a little under the weather, but not significantly sick. The patient will likely want to take it easy and not be in the mood to get involved with activities.

Gilbert Syndrome

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