What Is Gilbert Syndrome?

By james
Aug 25, 2020
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Our livers have a variety of functions. Perhaps the most important of all is helping to remove toxins from the blood, and this makes it important to look after our liver as best we can. If we don’t, then we might end up with some quite serious problems at some point in the future.

Not all problems with the liver are quite so serious, even though they might sometimes result in some quite visually striking symptoms. One such symptom is Gilbert’s syndrome, and it should cause no reason for concern at all. It is a fairly common condition, although a lot of people are not even aware that they have it.

1. Bilirubin

Just like all the other cells in our body, our red blood cells have only a limited life. When in the body, the average blood cell will live for around 4 months. When they do die, expired blood cells will begin to break down and the remains will be processed by the body. One of the products of the breaking down of red blood cells is bilirubin.

Bilirubin is a yellow substance that will usually be processed by the liver, and some of it will end up in our bile. If the liver is unable to process the substance, for whatever reason, then more of it will end up in the blood stream as usual.

Gilbert Syndrome

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