Retirement: 10 Best States To Retire In

Author By: James Roberts, Health Team on 07 Oct, 2018

As they get older, many people start thinking about retirement and wonder which location is best for them. While some people choose to remain close to family, others want to move to somewhere more ideal. Those who are still active might even look for places they can explore.

The United States has a huge range of retirement locations to choose from, from tropical paradise beaches to picturesque towns. Finances also influence the final choice, and different states have different tax laws and costs of living. Here’s a look at some of the best retirement locations in the United States.

Best Retirement State #10: Utah

The Beehive State is home to some of the most stunning natural vistas on the planet. With the plethora of outdoor activities available, it is an ideal location for retirees who are still active. Active residents can go climbing, hiking, and boating in its national parks, while those who are less mobile can still admire the natural beauty.

Utah has plenty more to offer in addition to its natural beauty. According to the United Health Foundation, the state is ranked second overall in health for its population over age sixty-five. The combination of its natural beauty and its good health ranking makes Utah a popular destination for retirees.

Best States To Retire In

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